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Hero (2004)

Visitor Comments

Re: Hero (2004)
Added by asj   on 2004-08-29 01:56:13

You have NO idea....take some lessons in Chinese culture eh? e.g. The color RED is not associated with communism in China, but with luck and good fortune.

Re: Hero (2004)
Added by Matthew   on 2004-08-29 02:26:24

I disagree, I found the art and cinematography of the movie enjoyable and the period costumes interesting. Certainly the marial arts seens were more estheticaly pleasing, and less gruesome than the parade of senseless slaughther in Tarantino's "Kill Bill".

However, I must agree that the, not so subtle thesis, is indeed a stale old song coming from China. The only colorful (literally) characters in the movie are the evil, free-thinking assasins. The kings army is like a vast sea of faceless gray automotons, much like "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones". The death of the assassins is not just sad, but downright depressing considering all that are left are the tyrant and his mindless robots.

I don't think that the committee that approved of the movie realized the movies symbolism is so extreme that it creates a laughable parody of communits Chinese ideal.

Re: Hero (2004)
Added by Eric   on 2004-08-29 19:52:28

Sure... red has nothing to do with communism! Wow asj - where are you from?

Re: Hero (2004)
Added by txl   on 2004-08-29 23:13:25

I've read in a historical study of ancient China that stated that a very simple idea. It is the "Mandate of Heaven" to bring down a monarch, ruler, king if that individual or collective sets of individuals has ruled unjustly and brought undue burden upon the people whom they are entrusted to lead. Bring down could be interpreted in many ways, but in my mind, it's simply to fire the person. Though in ancient history, "fire" was a bit more violent than now, where we simply vote someone out of office.

Re: Hero (2004)
Added by Musashi   on 2004-09-04 12:27:06

But somehow I don't think you understand the meanings and feelings of this film. Perhaps you could try getting into some Chinese martial arts.

Re: Hero (2004)
Added by Musashi   on 2004-09-04 16:04:09

btw - the red wasn't for communism. Red is the color of Passion. All the colors reflected the emotions of the scenes and how the story was being told. Deepen your minds

a bit harsh
Added by abdul (email) on 2004-12-14 06:15:38

I think your review was overly critical. The movie was enjoyable and required some thought. It is a cut above the rest and should not receive the 2 stars that often accompany movies like "white chicks".

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