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Mystic River (2003)

Visitor Comments

Re: Mystic River (2003)
Added by Gizmola   on 2004-04-09 10:23:49

I don't think I've been more disappointed in any film in recent memory. The people involved from the director to the writer, to the amazing cast were enough to intrigue me, and then the reviews started coming in talking about Oscars.

After I saw the film, it took me a while to digest my general discomfort, and in revisiting the plot I began to realize the numerous plot holes, inconsistencies and logic gaps which make any number of events improbable if not down right ludicrous. To discuss these in any detail would require giving away the entire plot, but I believe anyone who considers the motives and actions of the characters will at very least be wondering why some of the characters do the things they do in the film.

Sean Penn has given many great performances in his career, and he was great in a part that was underdeveloped, even if it offered a number of scene chewing opportunities. For the life of me I can't understand how the academy could award Tim Robbins work in this film. His character seems to be borderline retarded for most of the film, and then inexplicably shows signs of streetwise savvy that are completely incongrous with the rest of his performance. I spent a number of years in the city of boston and I'm familiar with the area where the film takes place, and the accents are routinely bad, and certainly not representative of the way people talk in that area.

Then of course there's Kevin Bacons character, and the subplot with his wife calling, which not only seems unconnected to the rest of the film, but sets up the improbable and illogical ending.

Clint has made some great movies in his career... sadly this is not one of them.

Re: Mystic River (2003)
Added by John Ulmer   on 2004-07-01 10:27:05

This is one of my all-time favorite films -- I expected to be disappointed after all of the hype but was not, at all. Gizmola, I'm not sure what "plot holes"/inconsistencies you're talking about, but I thought the performances (especially by Penn) were amazing. It didn't "feel" like a Clint Eastwood film at all - it's hard to imagine he directed this. It's much darker than I expected.

I also loved the cameo by Eli Wallach a.k.a. Tuco from THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY.

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