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Solaris (2002)

Visitor Comments

Re: Solaris (2002)
Added by Alfred Lopez (email) on 2003-10-16 02:50:03

I'm 44, and this is the worst movie I've ever seen.

Re: Solaris (2002)
Added by Brodie James (email, web) on 2004-03-07 01:54:31

Hey Alfred...

I'm only 22, and I echo your sentiments exactly! Marc, dude, what movie were you watching when you thought you were watching SOLARIS? Think back; if you remember any crucifixions or epic chariot races, you weren't watching SOLARIS!

Solaris is really very good
Added by Lee (email) on 2005-02-06 20:09:05

Erm, I'm 27 (...) and while I don't think Solaris deserves five stars I would defend Marc's review. Solaris is much better than critics would have you believe and marketing it as sci-fi hasn't done it justice. I can't help wondering how much of the media criticism was just snobbery.

Re: Solaris (2002)
Added by Jake   on 2005-07-28 22:25:22

As a huge fan of the original film, I thought that this slick, expensive Hollywood remake full of recognizable movie stars was...well, fine, really. It was nearly as good as the first film, in all of the same ways, but with about an hour's worth of the story removed. Whether this is good or bad is up to personal taste, I supposed; to me the original version seems truly expanded compared to this one, but someone else may think this one is just more tightly constructed.

Since it's more or less the same movie, obviously I found it sort of redundant, but it's pretty good on its own terms. And Jeremy Davies gives one of the most superbly irritating performances I've ever seen (which I mean as a compliment).

Thanks Jake
Added by Marc Eastman   on 2005-08-21 00:31:08

Appreciate the support Jake.

In further defense of the film (apart from the review which I feel explained things well) I think I might have to say that much of my appreciation comes from the first film, which I'm sure anyone who hated this film would also hate, and from the obviously superb technical craft.

At any rate, it's a movie that, in both versions, divided people pretty sharply.

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