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Ninja Scroll (1995)

Visitor Comments

Re: Ninja Scroll (1995)
Added by alex (email) on 2004-05-05 00:31:58

i think the way u said "they all have super powers" as if u are laughing was pritty stupid since this is one on the best anime movies i have seen. and i think that the pathetic 3 stars were not enough for this brilliently made movie. i agree thatthis movie is violent and has alot of sex sence in it...but thats wat make this movie so good. well i thought i should say somthing about this review since there where no comments yet to be made. thx for ya time.

Re: Ninja Scroll (1995)
Added by Mitch (email) on 2010-03-31 21:24:16

I think you are undermining Ninja Scroll a bit. To constantly say "this movie is great for teenagers" is a little pathetic. Anyone who enjoys good anime, especially dated anime, will absolutely enjoy this movie. The rape scene at the beginning of the movie is as bad as things get, and is only used as a vehicle to create drama and introduce the viewer to the victim's character. If you think about how efficient that one scene is in introducing a character, your only wish would be that it didnt have to be SO ugly. Ninja Scroll uses its hyper-violent style for pure entertainment, and even in the days when people DID kill each other with swords, it was never pretty. Everything in movies is stylized and exaggerated, and I wont damn this movie for its violence, just like I wont damn Saving Private Ryan because a guy was walking around looking for his arm during the invasion of Normandy. If you dont mind a slightly thin plot, and enjoy the sometimes strange anime dialogue, good visuals, and a generally pleasing overall story, Ninja Scroll is a go, whether you are a teenager or an adult.

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