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Jason X (2002)

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Re: Jason X (2002)
Added by John Ulmer (email, web) on 2004-01-24 19:47:15

Friday the 13th is not the granddaddy of slasher flicks--they were essentially started by Hitchcock in 1960 with "Psycho," but the real start of the genre--virginal teens being chased around by masked killers who can't die--started with John Carpenter's "Halloween," released in 1978.

Friday the 13th wasn't even a rip-off. As explains, it's a knock-off -- a cash--in on a successful film that uses the same technique, even down to the mask.

One could argue that Nightmare on Elm Street is a knock-off, too, but at least Nightmare had a different kind of villain.

I don't care, though, since I thought Freddy vs. Jason was pretty satisfying. Stupid, but satisfying. Now I hope the rumors are true--Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael...

Re: Jason X (2002)
Added by Jesse Janssen (email, web) on 2004-02-26 03:41:57

Was this movie meant to be funny? I watched it and I couldn't stop laughing. "Jason X" is one of those films where you and your friends gather around the bong and smoke a bowl or two before you watch it, so you can laugh heartily at how incredibly bad it is. Seriously. It's so pathetic that, along with a few other films (such as "Air Bud", "Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch", "Air Bud: Golden Reciever", "Air Bud Spikes Back" and "Spice World"), it is almost good in its own way. If I was an important film reviewer and the producers of Jason X paid me to write an uplifting phrase of praise for the movie on the VHS/DVD box (let's face it, you'd HAVE to get paid to praise this flick) it would be something like, "Hilarious! I laughed myself sick! (Because I was baked!)." "Jason X" has no suspense or thrilling murder scenes. This makes it ineligible for a horror movie. It contains no decent acting (some of the worst I've ever seen) or touching scenes so it can't be a drama. The battles and fight scenes are so rediculously corny (just watch the sequence where the token "Bad-Ass-Chick-In-Black" blows away Jason) that you can't really call it action. I guess you could just call "Jason X" a comedy. It has to fall into some sort of category, because it "sucks on so many levels!" except one. At least I humored it. Apparently, James Oehley did too. After all, he did give it two stars.

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