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Breakdown (1997)

Visitor Comments

Generally good review but disagree on some subjects
Added by Chris (email) on 2005-09-09 16:54:28

Well John, I found you're view very good on the whole but I'm surprised you and several others who have seen this film were let down by the last 10 minutes which, in my opinion is one of the best movie climax's I've ever seen and literally almost took me off my seat!

I agree completely with the first half of your review when you say that the film is done brilliantly and the suspense builds more and more drawing you in thanks to a good script and Direction from Jonathan Mostow and Sam Montgomery, but I disagree completely with what you said about the Car Chase being ridiculous and preety much about the villian's death.

I think that car chase is probably the best i've ever seen in a film if i'm honest because its the most suspenseful. I felt the suspense has built up so much that the car chase added to it even more and I was left on the edge of my seat as to whether the main characters were going to escape. The scene on the bridge after it was even better and I have to say I didn't find the last act of the hero to be gratiitous. That villain (brilliantly played by the late, great J.T Walsh) got exactly what he deserved in my opinion. He was evil, sadistic and I felt for the characters and could understand that action at the end of the film after what they'd been through.

It seems these two elements deterred you from giving it a higher rating, which I felt it very highly deserves because in my opinon it is one of the most underrated and underwatched films around and I believe it deserves much more recognition and notice than its recieved.

Just my views......
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