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Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)

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Re: Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)
Added by Jesse Janssen (email, web) on 2004-02-22 05:23:33

In retrospect, John Ulmer's review of "Beverly Hills Ninja" is completely unhelpful and redundant to anyone considering watching this movie. How one could use the example of Chris Farley waiting for his cue to slap a machine as a reason that this movie is poorly done is completely beyond me. It is obvious that Ulmer is desperate in coming up with a way to slander this hilarious film if he can come up with nothing better than criticizing a thirty second segment that wasn't meant to be that funny or needed to be funny when compared with the hilarious script. As Farley approached the detector, we could NOT see him waiting for his cue, as Ulmer claims, all we see is him handing his luggage to airport personnel. Next, as he passes through the detector, it is apparent that his character is wondering "what is this large object I must pass under?" This is all part of Farley staying in character. Haru (Farley) is a white man who has been raised in a society of ninjas. Expected to be the "Great White Ninja", Haru has lived with them since infancy, therefore, he is not used to types of technology such as metal detectors. As a result, it is only natural that he would "flail his arms about, scream, and punch" a strange beeping device, which, for all he knows, could be an enemy waiting to strike. In addition, using this metal detector scene to compare Farley with John Candy and his metal detector scene in "Who's Harry Crumb" is pointless becuase the two characters are completely different. While both Haru and Harry Crumb are bumbling idiots, Crumb is a modern-day person, adjusted to the technological world - certainly he knows what a metal detector is. Haru, on the other hand, has no clue, as he has lived in far more primitive fashion and would of course react defensively towards a loudly beeping gray mass of metal. Ulmer's further points about how poorly done this movie was don't hold much water either. Ulmer claims that "the film obviously had no thought put into it at all" and "the script is pitifully unfunny." However, at no time in his review does he provide examples to back up his painfully inaccurate statements. In addition, another point of his is that all the humor in this movie is Chris Farley loudly displaying his annoying, unwanted energy. Ulmer speaks of how great subtle humor is and that there is none of it in "Beverly Hills Ninja." However, a great example of how Ulmer is incorrect with all three statements is during a scene at the beggining of the movie. Haru had been spying on Martin Tanley, the villain of the story, when suddenly his ninja robe was hooked by a retracting gate which dragged him into some bushes. This was not especially funny in itself, but was turned into great humor when Haru escaped the evil gate and rowed a boat in under the dock where Tanley was holding his meeting. In many movies, this opportunity for humor would have been missed, with Haru simply finding another way to spy on Tanley. However, both Dennis Dugan and Chris Farley didn't miss a beat with this classic line: "Aha, Martin Tanley. Attack me with your front gate, I come in the back door." This shows how well different types of humor mix in "Beverly Hills Ninja," as Farley goes from spouting cunning lines such as this one which make you appreciate well-timed, subtle humor to smashing headfirst into a van, making you roar with laughter at this fat, bumbling, pathetic "ninja." In short, "Beverly Hills Ninja" is a far better movie than John Ulmer gives it credit for. While Farley's loud, energetic humor is a little overdone at times it is certainly not unwanted, not in the least. There is a good mix of subtle humor and "in your face" humor. The concept is enjoyable: an overweight, clumsy misfit gets the opportuninty he craves dearly; the chance to live up to his legend as The Greatest Ninja Master Of All Time. Along his path of misfortune and hilarious antics in trying to complete his mission, Chris Farley, as Haru, does a terrific job in a starring role. For all those of you out there who enjoy a great comedic tale and are open to an interesting blend of comedy and action, this film is sure to please.

Re: Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)
Added by John Ulmer (email) on 2004-02-24 09:39:33

Right. So its poor standing on IMDb and virtual entirely negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes makes you think everyone loves this?

It's one of the worst films I've ever seen. Chris Farley is not funny and he never has been. I have the best of Adam Sandler on DVD and all skits involving Farley are, for the most part, quite unfunny.

I used that metal detector scene as a contrast between Candy and Farley BECAUSE...

So many people compare the two.

(Slaps cheek in awe.)

Wow, maybe you'd better do some research into movies and actors before you start taking apart a review of what is largely considered one of the poorest "comedies" of all time.

Re: Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)
Added by Jesse Janssen (email, web) on 2004-02-25 20:21:55

Did I say everyone loves this? (Slaps cheek in wonder) NO! But no matter what you say, it is different types of people who like different kinds of comedy, and there are people who like this movie. I know people personally who do. Just becuase snobby, uptight reviewers don't like it doesn't make it a bad movie. Their opinions are not the only ones that matter. As far as "taking apart your review", there wasn't much to take apart, as you provided no insightful details or examples as to why the movie was bad outside of one thirty second scene. I was for the MOST part stating my own ideas about the movie. At least I provided some proof as to why some people like it. As far as comparing John Candy and Chris Farley, that is like comparing apples and oranges if you use the metal detector scenes for an example. Harry Crumb and Haru were two completely different types of people. I am in no way saying that Chris Farley is funnier than John Candy because I like alot of Candy's movies. I do not compare John Candy and Chris Farley in any way whatsoever. They are two completely different types of comedians, and I think that whoever does compare the two are stupid. However, it was still pointless for you to compare them in the metal detector scene, because, like I said, they are two different types of humor. If you are the expert movie reviewer, don't even compare the two scenes and just say, "John Candy is funny, Chris Farley isn't, and the two of them are uncomparable."

Re: Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)
Added by John Ulmer (email, web) on 2004-02-27 20:34:50

If I just said that, people would say, "How come? I need a comparison!"

In fact, you yourself just said, "You provided no insightful details or examples as to why the movie was bad outside of a thirty second scene," and now you're saying I should do more of that?

The thing is, even if you and I don't compare them, I often hear Chris Farley referred to as the "next John Candy" (prior to his death). He became famous right around Candy's death and everyone was looking for a new Candy/Belushi fat comedian figure who could make them feel happy again. Someone who could make them laugh.

If you read any review of BHN, they almost all mention Candy (read Berardinelli's!). Critics don't matter but when you're writing a review you're writing alongside other critics. Then they matter.

I just did a Google image search yesterday. I typed in, "john candy." On the first page there was a photo of Chris Farley.

That means someone actually programmed the search page so that it would pick up Farley when you typed in John Candy.

See what I mean?

It's sort of sad that they're compared. To me, Farley isn't nearly as talented. That's just my opinion, though.

Re: Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)
Added by Chris   on 2004-07-26 21:51:15

I have a suggestio, you cant just spew your own bias review of the movie, you completely destroy your credability when you say that chris farley isint funny and never has been because i hate to say this but he has made more money they you ever will being a comedian thus many people find him funny so perhaps you should look more subjectivly at movies instead of bashing a movie because it does not appeal to your specific sence of humor, you should atleast make a point that some, many would enjoy this movie, if they enjoy chris farley which you clearly dont but that is no need to trash his movie which i think was pretty funny

Re: Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)
Added by PatrickJam (email) on 2021-09-22 14:31:18

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