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In Good Company (2005)

Visitor Comments

Re: In Good Company (2005)
Added by Jacob   on 2005-01-17 12:15:02

Your review praises the film basically on every level yet you only lend it 3.5 stars out of five. What gives? Also, it is getting a little annoying to hear Johansson praised for everything she does. She simply isn't that good of an actor, good at emotionless roles but not really very good at comedy or super serious drama. She was awful in the dud Lost in Translation.

Re: In Good Company (2005)
Added by Harrison   on 2005-01-17 14:06:40

See the MG rating scale. Entertaining and well crafted. May not be worth the price of a theater ticket, but a solid rental.

In Good Company
Added by Greg   on 2005-01-18 16:33:58

I think I fall somewhere in between with regards to Scarlett (in this film anyways) - I thought she was an enjoyable distraction, and thought her transformation from unsure to self assured young woman was handled well. However if the romance had been removed from the story, it would have had little effect on the overall story's outcome.

I thought the point of Grace's character handling the firings was a necessity - it showed how dehumanizing downsizing is and not only on those being given the pink slip, but the effect it has on the messenger.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Added by Leanne (email) on 2005-02-03 03:53:24

Haven't seen this film yet (not been released in SA) but I think the review was well-balanced.

Jacob, I think she (Johansson) will get much praise because she is a relatively new star. I enjoyed her in Lost in Translation, although the real gem was Alan Murphy. She is pleasing to the eye and therefore people will enjoy roles she plays that are easily relational.

I look forward to other viewers comments as well.

Re: In Good Company (2005)
Added by Jacob   on 2005-02-08 01:03:04

For what's it worth, I do not think she's really all that good-looking. Not terrible, mind you but not drop-dead gorgeous either.

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