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White Chicks (2004)

Visitor Comments

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Bill King   on 2004-07-20 13:05:29

Good review. I didn't like this movie either. Whatever happened to the sharp sense of humor that the Wayans' displayed during the "In Living Color" days?

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Gizmola   on 2004-07-20 18:45:05

AMC has an interesting Film business analysis show featuring Peter Guber (well known producer and former Sony studio head) and Peter Bart (Editor, Columnist of Variety).

They had the Wayans on when they were promoting this film, and they talked at length about how it was a goal of the film from the outset to do something that would be PG rated (unlike their Scary Movie films) which were R, and they believed for that reason, suffered financially. Despite avoiding the rough edges they thought would get them an R, they found they were constantly beset by a line in the sand that had no predictable rules. Things that they thought were clearly PG, would suddenly come back from the censors as requiring changes, while other material they thought was going to be edgy would pass.

Perhaps this film was an experiment to see if they could work in a more conventional vein, to increase their commercial success. Like all things that are toned down, the end result usually pleases noone, and certainly was destined to fail with their hardcore fans who have followed them though the years, with their genre satire films lke I'm gonna git you sucka, and Don't be a menace..... As they did in the Living Color days, they've always been best at skewering trends in popular culture. In taking on a more conventional storyline AND also at the same time trying to go PG, they obviously bit off more than they could chew.

I also think the premise was patently absurd (and not in a good way).

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Joe Rickey   on 2004-07-20 19:48:20

Yet somehow, the film has grossed over 60 million at the box office. :(

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Joseph Kastner (email, web) on 2004-07-20 22:36:42

Good review.

I heard this just sucked ... They don't even come close to looking like white chicks on the poster, so how much better could those pathetic costumes (or what ever they are) be in the actual movie.

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by John Ulmer   on 2004-07-21 09:27:37

Can you imagine if a film named "Black Chicks" was made and poked fun at black stereotypes? It would be called racist.

I can't see how a film such as this could even be considered for production. IN LIVING COLOR is one of my favorite TV shows but the Wayans need to start coming up with better material. Plus, the makeup in this movie is horrible.

If you want to see a black person look like a white person, check out TRUE IDENTITY. They actually had better makeup in that with probably 1/8 of the budget.

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Bill King   on 2004-07-21 11:31:24

If "Black Chicks" was directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans or Spike Lee, it would be okay. If it was directed by, say, David Zucker or Mel Brooks, then it would be racist. It's a strange double-standard world we live in.

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Joe Rickey   on 2004-07-22 08:32:52

Just imagine if Spike Lee had directed 'White Chicks'...

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Chris   on 2004-07-26 21:43:25

Well you all are wrong, because the movie grosses 60 million dollars thus it appealed to many many people enjoyed it so it was successful you seven people might think it sucked but a lot more didn't, and i am one of the a lot more this movie had a little of everything

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Gizmola   on 2004-07-28 18:47:07

Just because a movie grosses a lot of money, does not mean its a good movie. Some of the best movies ever made were box office "failures".

Citizen Kane, Wizard of Oz, Reservoir Dogs, Fight Club, It's a wonderful life and many others were "box office failures."

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Bill King   on 2004-07-28 21:18:01

Also, many bad movies are hits at the box office.

Chris, there's no guarantee that all the people who spent $60 million to see the movie liked it. I paid for my ticket and I hated it. Many others probably did too. The movie made money because of a studio ad campaign, not because of its quality.

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Chris   on 2004-07-31 22:44:10

Yes you might have hated it and I realize it was not everyones cup of tee but to give it no stars I mean that just seems harsh, I liked the movie and thought it was well written (I normally hate movies like barber shop etc) but because there is no tangible way to prove what opinion is right I tried to use hard numbers to back me up, I mean this isint the best movie ever, not even close but its not worthy of zero stars. Also i wasnt saying that box office sales represents how good a movie is but if a movie grosses that much money it had to have impressed some demagraphic, zero stars just struk me as far to harsh almost like an agenda against the movie.

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Joe Rickey   on 2004-08-02 16:20:53

To me the film fits perfectly the definition of offensive, therefore grounds for a zero star rating.

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Chris   on 2004-08-04 18:16:21

Yes I agree on your grounds that the movie could have been offensive to some but if you want to rate the movies purly on how offensive they are other films like Fahrenheit 911 who is also offensive to many should get similar consideration

Re: White Chicks (2004)
Added by Joe Rickey   on 2004-08-10 01:13:05

Not having seen Fahrenheit 9/11, I can't really comment but knowing what it's about I could definitely see it being offensive to some.

White Chicks
Added by candie (email) on 2004-12-16 03:19:30

You have to take this movie for what it is "A COMEDY".If you pay close attention to the details in their portrayal of white socialites(Wilson sisters) they were hilarious.Scenes such as their shopping experience, the driving scene and the slumber party were so funny.All you have to do is look at their facial expressions and the way they act and you can't help but laugh.I saw this film so many times and thought it was fantastic.

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