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Super Size Me (2004)

Visitor Comments

Re: Super Size Me (2004)
Added by John Ulmer   on 2004-06-01 07:13:17

I used to eat fast food a lot when I was in the US. Pizza Hut, Burger King and McDonald's were the three chains I went to the most. But I had a friend who worked at McDonald's who said you never want to eat there. Supposedly the staff are constantly doing nasty things to the food. I read an article on IMDb claiming that some interesting substances were found inside a milkshake mixer at a McDonald's. On there are also some interesting articles.

I stopped eating at most fast food chains. I occasionally go to Pizza Hut but I've tried eating healthier in the past year and as a result my health is much better. My diet of fast food was starting to put on some pounds but I lost it all now and because of this, and the stories I always hear about things that go on in the kitchen, I rarely eat there anymore.

I'm interested in seeing this documentary. For anyone reading this, there are also some interesting articles about McDonald's, KFC and other food chains at

Re: Super Size Me (2004)
Added by Bill King   on 2004-06-01 13:17:43

Your buddy probably should have informed management of what was going on. If that didn't work, the regional manager would certainly take action. I don't boycott entire restaurant chains for a bad experience at one restaurant. There was a McDonald's near where I used to live that put everything in bags, even if you were dining in and requested a tray. I just went to a different location where the service was better.

It's not any restaurant's policy to put foreign objects in the food. I used to work in fast food. Near closing time, a guy came through the drive-thru to order a hamburger, and the shift manager decided to cook his burger in the fryer because he just cleaned the grill. I told him he shouldn't do that and he ignored me. I reported him and he was fired as a result of that incident and for other reasons (he was dealing drugs).

Perhaps your friend's restaurant simply hired the wrong kind of people. I've been to McDonald's restaurants that were very clean, professional and courteous. I'm a little overweight now, but I don't hold Micky D's responsible.

Re: Super Size Me (2004)
Added by Joseph Kastner (email, web) on 2004-06-01 16:00:18

I agree with this review. I can't understand why we can't take personal responsibility and take better care of ourselves instead of simply blaming everybody else for our problems except ourselves. It's not McDonalds is shoving a hamburger in your face and forcing you to eat it. Learn some self-control and take care of what you eat and do and you should turn out alright.

Re: Super Size Me (2004)
Added by John Ulmer   on 2004-06-03 09:30:19

I agree with both of you. I didn't mean to bash McDonald's or anything. But I prefer Burger King by a long shot, anyway. :)

The McDonald's where my friend worked was probably given a tongue lashing at the least. It was a health inspector who discovered everything so I'm sure it was taken care of.

However almost any fast food chain you go to will not be totally clean. They really don't care about customer service as much anymore (and that goes for places everywhere) and hire anyone who qualifies for flippin' burgers.

The lawsuits thrust at McDonald's and other food chains are ridiculous. Some woman spilled coffee on her lap in a car and sued McDonald's because it was "too hot"!

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