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Troy (2004)

Visitor Comments

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by Joe   on 2004-05-24 08:42:43

To be honest, I was disappointed with 'Troy.' For a film with such a large budget it fails to awespire the senses and the narrative drags far too often during its protracted running time. On the acting front, Brad Pitt is adequate as Achilles and Eric Bana is quite good as Hector but Orlando Bloom is inconceivably wooden as Paris; a pansy seemingly devoid of both a backbone and a personality. This all makes for a rather short-sighted attempt at an epic la 'Gladiator.' I only hope that future summer movies such as 'The Day After Tomorrow' don't similarly disappoint.

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by Gemma   on 2004-05-25 11:38:39

Why is it that people like to diss Brad Pitt? Jealous of his good looks or his wife or his life? Your like those people who hate Tom Cruise just because he's successfull. I predict Orlando Bloom is going to be a huge star!

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by Harrison   on 2004-05-25 14:12:39

There are 'stars' and there are 'actors.' Sometimes, a person can be both. Brad Pitt was easily outgunned by the cast in TROY. And Orlando Bloom is far too fey to play Paris. Or this movie had the character written like a wimp. In Homer's Iliad, Paris was already married!

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by Joseph Kastner (email, web) on 2004-05-25 21:31:08

This was absolutely horrible. I am for creative liberties but when Hollywood totally butchers a classic like the Troy legend then I get pissed off. But this isn't unusual for Hollywood ... I mean, they like to take such creative liberties with history that classic literature shouldn't have come as a surprise.

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by Kevin   on 2004-05-25 23:55:29

Butchered? Luv what they did to Agamemnon!

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by Harrison   on 2004-05-26 02:18:25

And imagine what might be in store for KING ARTHUR:)

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by Joe   on 2004-06-01 15:04:51

This film really didn't do all that well at the U.S. box office for a 200 mil. production. Granted, it will make its money back in the international market but you can't tell me that Warner Bros. isn't a little disappointed with its run.

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by Harrison   on 2004-06-03 17:05:02

I'm sure the studio was pissed that they didn't score a Number One opening, losing to Shrek and its smaller promotions budget.

Re: Troy (2004)
Added by John Ulmer   on 2004-06-05 10:05:05

Troy was one of the year's biggest flops in terms of predictions and outcomes. WB expected the film to be a colossal hit - but like "Hulk" (which also starred Eric Bana - hmm...interesting) it didn't do as well as planned, becoming a "hit," technically, but not a huge one by any means.

I think Brad Pitt is a very good actor ("Se7en", anyone?) but I heard he gave a pretty bad performance here, Orlando Bloom was too "sissy" and Eric Bana was really the only actor who impressed.

A good movie
Added by Jason Felver-Gant   on 2004-12-25 20:15:44

Troy, as a movie, was extremely well done. The effect it gives on the audience is a sense of awe as Jackson gives us an almost real feeling. I disagree with you when you say it was a bad film. The only part the film disappointed me on, which none of you mentioned, was the story. It followed the Iliad well except for one serious flaw: the Gods. They played the largest part in the battle and the Gods were hardly mentioned and were not ever involved.

So all of you don't really know what you're talking about when it comes to movie reviews. Try again buddys

Added by Faith (email) on 2005-01-14 21:00:31

I am a fan of Brad Pitt, he is very sexy. Even so he is not always the best actor. Some of his movies suck and others are fab. I think he did a good job in troy. I was dis-appointed that they did not tell the whole story of his character. They also did not envolve the Gods like they should have but all things concidered Troy was a good movie.

re: troy
Added by leanne   on 2005-02-03 04:18:05

I thought it was good, although noted that it wasn't exactly correct in trems of storyline.

I do have one question:

Who was the lucky actress who got to bed our sexy Brad? She didn't even get a mention (ha ha)

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