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The Game (1997)

Visitor Comments

Re: Game, The (1997)
Added by gizmola (email, web) on 2004-01-29 17:05:43


I think you really missed both the boat and the theme of this film. I also don't think you should reveal the ultimate ending of the film in the review... even with the 'SPOILERS'. Giving this away is kinda like saying:

"Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's Father."

To rebutt your points, first off, it's established that Douglas's character is under constant and pervasive surveilance. He doesn't know how far this goes, and neither do we, but the stripping of his feeling of privacy and security is essential to 'the Game. What I took away is that "people" are watching every move he makes. The Game has an enormous organization behind it, and Douglas's character is extremely wealthy.

The film has a strong message about he importance of personal relationships, focusing on the things that are *really important in life* and the effects of childhood trauma which affect the decisions people make in their life profoundly, according to many psychological studies. This foundation is the basis for many of the decisions the writers made in their plot.

As for him not shooting himself at the end, if he had... the gun had blanks in it, but you have to assume that they had just the right number of bullets in the gun... he would probably have dropped it. ,

You either accept the finale or you don't. It has a very nice circularity to it, echoing his memories of his father's suicide. The entire point of the game is to get at the deeply buried festering childhood wound and "cure" him, they need to put him in a place of profound crisis.

I think you could explain the precautions they would have taken... positioning people so that the only ledge available was on the side of the building he eventually jumps from.

At any rate, obviously I think this is a superior film, one of the best of it's kind, and I would rate it much higher than you did. Taken together, Seven, The Game, Fight Club and Panic Room have to be 4 of the best back to back film projects by one director. Fincher is one of the few commercial hollywood directors working who seems to always come to the table with exciting material.

Re: Game, The (1997)
Added by John Ulmer (email, web) on 2004-01-29 18:40:12

Just so you know, this and Fight Club were two of my earliest reviews that I re-edited. Nowadays, I wouldn't have given away the ending, with or without SPOILERS beforehand.

I know, I'm in a minority about these movies. I love SE7EN but Fight Club and The Game didn't do it for me.

I just thought there were a few too many implausabilities in this, although I guess I can see why a lot of people loved it.

Re: Game, The (1997)
Added by carl langley   on 2004-02-27 02:25:41

i totally agree gizmola, david fincher is a genius. while i rate the game below seven and fight club, it is definitely superior! panic room was magnificent as well. this was his most underrated feature though.

Re: Game, The (1997)
Added by jeff (email) on 2011-12-16 21:38:11

I just rewatched this movie, I remembered loving it, but then by the end I remembered how much it sucked. All the jumping off the builidng at the right spot and time plot holes are terrrible. But the worst part to me is that he is all cordial and happh afterward. Thanks for the lesson in humiliaton!! I'd have gone and got my real gun and shot my brother for real after that shitty present

Re: Game, The
Added by John Fincher (email) on 2012-05-20 16:03:44

I think you missed the point Jeff

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